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Re: How much compression is enough?

1. Cylinder's 1 & 3 are, of course low,
2. Doing the compression test wet, and achiving the same results,
3. Indicate a problem in the valves.
4. The previous problem, with the backfire in the tailpipe,
5. Could also confirm that:
a. The exaust valves are burned,
b. Carbon's keeping them open,
c. They're bent.
6. But something's wrong in those two cylinders.
7. Would that preven starting?
8. No,
9. It would attempt to start.
10. Differnet cylinders when dead affect an engine differently,
11. They don't always develope the same power or
12. Share the load equally.
13. I'd be looking at:
a. The distributor timing, it could be 180* out, if you moved it.
b. The timing chain/gear wear.
14. Have you attempted to start with stating fluid?
15. There was a post a few months ago,
16. The engine wouldn't start unless it was bump started...
17. That was a new one on me.
18. Have you attempted to Jump start it,
19. To eliminate low voltage?
20. What's the spark look like?

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