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Re: Relay Questions (Jump in here Leve!)

I'm one of those who likes to have relay's all over instead of in one place. That way I avoid running heavy wire into the cab. For example, I put headlight relays under the hood between the battery and the lights. That keeps the run of 10-gauge wire short, which means less voltage drop and consequently higher voltage to the lights.

The wire that runs the relay coil can be small - 20 or 22 gauge would be sufficient, but I don't use smaller that 18 because really small wires are fragile.

One more thing; a resistive load such as a light will draw more current as the voltage goes up, not less. In fact, just about everything on a Jeep will draw more current as the voltage goes up. A radio might be the only exception.

Automotive lights are probably rated at 14 Volts, but I don't know for sure. A DC ammeter isn't expensive, and will let you know what your accessories are really drawing.
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