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Re: Relay Questions (Jump in here Leve!)

on the diagram:
1) You have waaay too much time on your hands [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
2) Don't connect grounds back to the battery. Just use the ground symbol as you did in other spots. Less confusing.
3) Either "dot" the connection points or "jump" the cross-over lines. Otherwise it's a little confusing where lines cross if they connect or not.

on the circuit:
1) You've drawn double-throw switches with common side to hot, switched side to ground/load. What you want is a simple single throw switch (or just leave the second side of the doulbe unconnected). Otherwise you'll be shorting to ground. Ditto on the relays.
2) Though you can if you want, a relay on the switch side of the other relays (RLY1) is not necessary.
3) One fuse to provide the "hot" line to all the switches would be sufficient.
4) Don't load through an LED. Standard LED should have about 10mA current.

I've attached a modified version of your diagram.

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