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Re: Relay Questions (Jump in here Leve!)

1. I agree with 80sCJ, Nothing NEEDS a relay.
2. But they do add a great deal of safety,
3. And keep the vehicle from burning to the axles, on occasion
4. Relays keep a lot of high current carrying wiring from going a bizillion ways from Sunday in the Jeep... that's a safety hazzard.
5. Design your current capibility around about 1.5 to 2 times the acutual need.
6. This keeps problems from current spikes from affecting the circuit.
7. I would make up a Relay holder and,
8. Use relays for ALL the swtiched applicaitons.
9. All relay 12 volt coil feeds should be fused.
10. All realy device 12 volt inputs and outputs should be fused.
12. I'd use one line to feed all the relay colils, and fuse it,
13. And I'd split the 12 volt device feed lines and fuse them seperatly.
14. I'd use the Radio Shack 275-226 relays for everything...
15. It standardizes the parts, always keep one blank in a socke for a replacement.
16. "Switches 1-4 and 6 will be always hot, Switches 5,7,8 will be run (or on) hot"
This looks good, however I'd change on thing...
17. Swicth 1 feeds the fuse block that would feed Switches 2- 4 and 6
18. So, switches 2-4 and 6 are hot only if switch 1 is thrown.
19. IMHO.. you fuse CIRCUIT inputs and outputs.
20. It can be a PITA but it does save money in the long run...
21. So you fuse the feed to the fuse box, and all outputs.
22. You fuse the feeds to EACH switch.
23. Rule of thumb, if you think a chafing wrie can cause a fire, disable the Jeep, or ruin a component... fuse it!
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