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Relay Questions (Jump in here Leve!)

I am going to be adding some switches and accesories to my CJ, and I have seen Leve post again and again about using relays, so I have some specific questions about them.

Here is what I will have:

Switch 1 - Accessory Main (turns on the fuse block for the below items)
Switch 2 - 150W KC Lights (Pair)
Switch 3 - 50W Rock Light 1 (pair)
Switch 4 - 50W Rock Light 2 (pair)
Switch 5 - Compressor (engages the clutch on the compressor)
Switch 6 - CB (sends power to the CB)
Switch 7 - Rotary switch to the starter (for anti-theft)
Switch 8 - Rotary switch to the fuel pump (for anti-theft)

Switches 1-4 and 6 will be always hot
Switches 5,7,8 will be run (or on) hot


1. Which of these need relays?

2. What amperage?

3. Does adding relays affect my fuse selection?

4. What about this relay, or these ?

6. Does adding relays affect my switch selection (Amp rating)?

7. Where is the best place to mount a relay? Close to the accessory, or can i centrally mount them on the back of the switch panel?

Thanks! [img]images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]
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