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Has anyone tried to swap a z22 head onto a z24 engine like the Toyota guys do with the 22r and 20r engines? I'm pretty sure that you would have to swap distributers also ( Z24 8 spark plugs, Z22 4 plugs I think?) They do this for higher compression and I know that on Toyotas it works pretty well for making more horsepower.

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anyone know?

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Here is some stuff I found on a 510 board. Hope it helps some.

Connecting rods center to center length
L18/L28 130.2mm
L16/L24 133.0mm
L13 139.9mm
FJ20 140.0mm
L20B/Z22S 145.9mm
Z22E/Z20S 148.6mm
Z20E 152.5mm
Z24, KA24 165.0mm

Piston pin heights (center of pin to top of piston)
L13, L16, L18, L20B, L24, L26, L28- 38.1mm
Z20S 35.56mm
Z22S 35.0mm
Z22E 32.5mm
Z20E 31.75
Z24, KA24 34.0mm

Block deck height, (center of crank bore to top deck)
L13, L16, L18, L24, L28: 207.8mm
L20B, Z20, Z22: 227.4mm
Z24, KA24: 247.4mm

Motor: L16
(stroke/2)+connecting rod+ piston pin height: 207.95mm
piston deck height: 0.15mm (above block)

Motor: L18
(stroke/2)+connecting rod+ piston pin height: 207.3mm
piston deck height: -0.5mm (below block)

(stroke/2)+connecting rod+ piston pin height: 227.0mm
piston deck height: -0.40mm (below block)

Motor: Z20E
(stroke/2)+connecting rod+ piston pin height: 227.15
piston deck height: -0.25 mm (below block)
Please let me know what dish of Z20 pistons is! Do you at least know if they
are flattop or dished?

Motor: Z20S
(stroke/2)+connecting rod+ piston pin height: 227.16
piston deck height: -0.24 mm (below block)
Rod length given as same as Z20E on the incorrect charts, Impossible
considering piston pin height! Using the Z22E rod length, the calculations
seem much more reasonable.

Motor: Z22S
(stroke/2)+connecting rod+ piston pin height: 226.9
piston deck height: -0.50 mm (below block)

Motor: Z22e
(stroke/2)+connecting rod+ piston pin height: 227.1 mm
piston deck height: -0.30 mm (below block)
Rod length given as same as Z22S/L20B on the incorrect charts.NISMO catalog
list the 148.6mm length that seems more reasonable and puts piston top where
it should be at TDC.

Motor: Z24 (piston pin height speculative!)
(stroke/2)+connecting rod+ piston pin height: 247.0mm
piston deck height: -0.40 below deck (using 34.0 pin height pistons- my
Please let me know what dish of Z24 pistons is! Do you at least know if they
are flattop or dished?

Frankenstein motors: collect all the parts at pick-n-pull JY and buy it as a
$50 short block!

Stuff a Z24 crank and pistons into bored Z22 block by cutting down crank
counterweights as per Ben Pila. This gives you a 2.4 L-series motor that
doesnt require using defective Z24 block, fabricating timing cover,
lengthening timing chain. Piston tops will need to be milled down slightly.
parts: : Z22 block, Z24 crank, z24 pistons, 22S/ L20B rods
s/2+r+p: 227.9
piston deck height: 0.50 (above deck)

Stuff a Z24 crank into a Z22 block by cutting down counterweights. No piston
modification or block boring needed for 2.3L L series!
parts: Z22 block, Z24 crank, z22E pistons, Z22S/ L20B rods
s/2+r+p: 226.4 mm
piston deck height: -1.0mm below deck

Long rod 2.1L motor in a +2mm bored L20B (or stock bore Z22) block. Might be
necessary to mill tops of pistons.
parts: L20B crank, 2.2E pistons, z20e rods, L20B block
s/2+r+p: 227.9mm
piston deck height: +0.50mm (above block)

Long rod ,big bore 2.1L Another variation of above (rods not as long, no
pison modification, lower CR)
Parts: L20B crank, L20B block, 2.2S pistons, z22e rods
s/2+r+p: 226.6mm
piston deck height: -0.80 (below block)

This is my current short rod L16 for turbo use. Approx 7.8:1 CR using 37cc
cylinder head.
parts: L16 crank, L18 rods, L13 pistons, L16 block.
s/2+r+p: 205.2mm
piston deck height: -2.65mm (below deck)

Long rod L18 (needs small chamber head for decent CR)
Parts: L18 crank, L18 block, L16 rods, Z20S pistons
s/2+r+p: 207.8mm
piston deck height: -0.24 (below deck)

Turbo 2.2
Parts: Z22 crank, Z22block, 2.2E pistons, Z22S/L20B rods
s/2+r+p: 224.4
piston deck height: -3.00 (below block)

Long rod, turbo 2.1
parts: L20B crank, L20B block bored 2mm over, 2.2e pistons, z22e rods
s/2+r+p: 224.1
piston deck height: -3.30 (below block)

<font color=red>89 Nissan KingCab 4x4</font color=red>

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You can swap the heads, but I don't think it gives any more compression. Also depending on what year head you get , some have 8 and some have 4 plugs. Hope this helps.

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One more for ya.........


Chris J.
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