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How much does it cost to repair the rear brakes?

Hello, I am wondering. How much is it to fix the rear brakes. I know that I need my brake shoes replaced and resurface it. How much should it cost? I know that shops sometimes charge really high and others are really low. Thank you for your reply

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Re: How much does it cost to repair the rear brakes?

In CT., between $75 and $125 per axle, includes new shoes or pads ( cheap ones), and turning drums or rotors. Nothing else included, try to be there when they do it, cause somes shops will try and get you for more stuff that you don't need , or say they fixed something that wasn't even broke. Ask around, find a reputable shop, don't quibble over $20, brakes are the MOST important system on your vehicle. Pay good money for a good job and cross it off your " to do " list.

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Re: How much does it cost to repair the rear brakes?

In Texas it will run you about $100 per axle w/drum brakes and $125 per axle w/ disc brakes. This includes brake pads/shoes and turning the drum or resurfacing the rotor. If a new drum or rotor is needed, then the price will increase depending on what size, quality, and brand you use. I like to use Midas brake/exhaust/alignment because their brake pads are guaranteed for the amount of time you own the vehicle. For example: If you own you jeep for 5 years after you get new brakes the pads are guaranteed for 5 years or if you own your jeep for 100 years after you get new brakes the pads are guaranteed for 100 years. The only thing you have to pay for when getting new pads when they wear out (after you get them there once) is the labor required to put the new pads on. At Midas they will check your barkes to see if they need replacing for free even if you have never been there before. Hope this helps.

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Re: How much does it cost to repair the rear brakes?

If you are not afraid of trying it yourself, it is pretty easy. I went to a brake shop and they wanted between $600-$800 to do all four wheels (both axles) Thnking I had better things to do with that kind of money I went and priced NEW Drums/Rotors/Pads/Shoes at the auto parts store across the street and bought everthing to re-do all the brakes for about $200. If you are determined and aren't afraid of getting into your Jeep then buy a Chiltens and a brake tool and go for it. That way you know how to fix or service the brakes in the future.

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Re: How much does it cost to repair the rear brakes?

<font color=blue>JeepinJohn</font color=blue>

Good advice. When I started wheeling, I needed to redo the brakes on the Scout. I bought a rebuild kit for the front caliper at $23, so I rebuilt one of them and it took me awhile. I mentioned this to someone and they asked why I didn't just get a rebuilt caliper, so I looked into them. At that time they cost $26 loaded (with pads), so I put the rebuilt on the otehr side. Oh well, live and learn.

Brakes are fairly simple and something you'll want to know how to do in the future. I got about 3,000 miles out of the last set of rear shoes, due to the mud chewing them up. I don't bother with turning the drums on the Scrambler. BTW, unless your brakes chatter, why have them turned? Turning them decreases their lifespan so you'll have to get new ones sooner.

Since learning how to do brakes, I have redone the ones on our '95 Trooper, '97 TJ (with ABS), Mazda 323, bunch of jeeps, '94 Rodeo, and a few cars I can't even think of now. I'd suggest learning to do it yourself, it's fairly easy and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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Re: How much does it cost to repair the rear brakes?

I would just like to agree with Jeepn. Learning to do them yourself is the best route. Especially, after seeing the story on Dateline last night about the Just Brakes chain stores in TX. I priced doing mine on my CJ7 when I bought it 2 years ago and decided to do it myself. Of course it was much more than just turning the drums and rotors and replacing the pads. I rebuilt all four brakes, new(rebuilt) calipers, wheel cylinders, replaced 1 drum had the other turned ($5), new pads and shoes, flush all the fluid, new rear drum hardware and repacking the front wheel bearingss. It took me 2 afternoons to do them all but it was my first time. I have helped out a few friends with theirs and could probably do the basic job in about 2-3 hours now. You are probably looking to pay anywhere from $250-$600 for a shop to do everything. It is not likely you could get out of the shop with just the $99 specials advertised. My whole job cost me about $200 and 6 six hours total. This includes having to buy 1 new drum (it was out of spec). My advice, buy a Chilton's/Haynes/FSM and do it yourself. Sorry this is so long. Hope it helps.
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Re: How much does it cost to repair the rear brakes?

I'm with fratt. We have a small chain outfit in San Diego,Ca. called Brake Depot. They've been caught at least twice by the state
auto repair watchdogs for doing unneeded work and charging for work not done. Brakes are really pretty simple. I'd suggest doing
it yourself if at all possible.

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Re: How much does it cost to repair the rear brakes?

The trick to doing brakes (the first time or the hundredth time) is to do one side at a time.
If you get stuck, or the manual doesn't show something, you can always go to the side you didn't tear down and have a look...

Don't play with old drums or rotors. It's often cheaper to get new auto jerks parts than to have your drums/ rotors turned.
A lot of the time the drums/ rotors will be turned to much to reuse anyway.
Call auto jerks ahead of time, before you tear the jeep down, and see if they have them, and if not, how long it will take to get them.

You used to get a better quality, at a higher price, at places like NAPA, but they have mostly gone to cheap parts too.
A lot of the time it's the same manufacturer that auto jerks gets theirs from... so why pay the higher price?

If you have a bad wheel cylinder, learn to rebuild them. It's much cheaper, and the only extra tool you will need is a $10 cylinder hone.
They aren't hard to do at all, and most of them can be done on the vehicle.

I normally don't rebuild front calipers. We have the stuff to do most of them, but they are labor intensive, and it's just more cost effective to buy reman calipers.

Buy the life time warranty break pads/ shoes.
You will save a ton of money in the long run. No such thing as a life time rotor or drum I wouldn't think, but you never know...

Don't forget to adjust the emergency brake.

Later, and good luck.

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