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Neurosis 10-19-2003 03:42 PM

In cab winch Control warn x8000i questions.
Ive been messing with this piece of crap all day. I have the top off of the winch and I am using an old electrical cord for the wiring. Its a 3 wire cord and from what I understand that is all I need right? Ive read about 4 different writeups from the web and all of them seem to be a little different. Ive tried all of them. I have a momentary toggle switch that ive wired this thing up to and no matter how i wire it I cant seem to get it to work yet I "can" still control it with the remote so I know it is still working. Does anyone have a good comprehensive writeup with pics on how to get this piece of crap working? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Right now I have the cable wired with the black wire going to the power and the white and green going to forward and reverse. Not working!!

Here is a Picture of the way its wired now.

And here are the instructions for the switch I bought. I just hope its the right switch.

Infernozx 10-19-2003 04:44 PM

Re: In cab winch Control warn x8000i questions.
May be a stupid question, but why not grab a multi-meter, and figure out which prong on the remote does which, then just wire it the same as the remote?

Neurosis 10-19-2003 05:02 PM

Re: In cab winch Control warn x8000i questions.
Been doing that already. Once you trigger the remote they "ALL" seem to light up either way. I just got done taking my remote apart and noticed that it is a 5 wire cable. Ive read that they are only three. The way the switch is hooked up looks allot different than what ive been reading on the net. The only wire that I am sure I have hooked up in the right place is the Power. This doesnt seem like it should be so hard.

Infernozx 10-19-2003 05:32 PM

Re: In cab winch Control warn x8000i questions.

I've never played with a winch.. How many prongs does the winch remote have?

Infernozx 10-19-2003 05:41 PM

Re: In cab winch Control warn x8000i questions.
ok, just playing with my remote here.

Switch Off: There's no connection between any of the 3 prongs.
Switch On: There's connection between the one to the left (counter clockwise)of the alignment bump, and one of the others.
Switch On: (other positon) theres connection between the one to the left, and then the 3rd prong.

But, I know there's only 3 wires in my remote...

I'd suggest trying that though..

With your extra set of hands, push the remote button to one of the on positions, figure out which two prongs are connnected.

I'm just stabbing in the dark here...

pontiac58 10-19-2003 06:06 PM

Re: In cab winch Control warn x8000i questions.
There are two kinds of remote. One has 5 wire and one has 3. The 5 wire i would assume needs all 5 wires to make it do something. I would think that soleniods need power at two places from the switch to make it work. Without having it my hand though i cant help toooo much. But i do know if you have a 5 wire remote and all 5 wires go somewhere, you will need to duplicate that.


CJ7Taz 10-19-2003 06:30 PM

Re: In cab winch Control warn x8000i questions.
I'm going out on a limb on this one so if it turns out to be wrong, forgive me as I'm going by memory from when I had mine open about 2 years ago.

I was surprised to see 5 wires in the remote cable when 3 would have been enough. If I'm remembering correctly, what I found was that the solenoids had no ground with the switch in the center position. This would have been a safety precaution in case the switch or a wire shorted. By interrupting the ground, the solenoid would still drop out with power to it when the switch returned to the center position because the ground would be open.

Neurosis 10-19-2003 07:31 PM

Re: In cab winch Control warn x8000i questions.
It is definately a five prong remote. The web site I took the writeup from looks to be the same only its a 9000i instead of an 8000i. Here is the writeup I used to try to get it to work and he appears to have a 5 pin remote as well.

Taz.. you may have just triggered a spark in this pea brain of mine. 5 wires.

1 wire goes to the positive cable

1 wire goes to the in

1 wire goes to the out

1 wire goes to the winch motor

1 wire goes to the "ground side of one of the solenoids.

Im guessing that those last two wires are some kind of ground loop. Your right about the remote. The solenoids dont get any ground untill you trigger the remote. Now my question is, can you just wire the switch to have constant ground to bypass that? that would remove the need for the other two wires. I thought I tried that today but it didnt appear to work.

speed_buggy 10-19-2003 07:57 PM

Re: In cab winch Control warn x8000i questions.
so this is the schematic you are work off?

Neurosis 10-19-2003 08:41 PM

Re: In cab winch Control warn x8000i questions.
Yes, but that doesnt match how my solenoids are wired. I do believe that the in and out wires are the same though. I'm not sure but I think that may be the problem. My ground wires are attatched to different posts on the solenoids. I wont know for sure untill I try it. The more I mess with it the more I think I understand whats going on but its still a bit foggy. I do know that I need to get ground to the solenoids. Then I need to get power to the switch. I wont be able to do both with the cable im using now but I think tomarrow I will try to unhook the wire that I hooked up to the positive and hook it back to the ground and then ground it somewhere and check that the solenoinds have ground. Then I'll hook a hot wire up to the switch and flip her over and see if she works.

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