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TSB & Recall question

Well I did a search for tsb's and recalls for my truck and this is what I got(below). My question is, where can I find a list like this that gives all the info (not just a list like you see here). I want to see the entire TSB. The website I was at wants $24.95 for this service. But I thought I would ask you guys if there is a free way first.

<font size=1>Bulletins for 1997 GMC Truck K 1500 P/U 4WD V8-350 5.7L VIN R SFI

Safety Recalls
TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title 97008A JUN 97 Seat Recliner Hinge Pinch Point
97006 FEB 97 Clutch Pedal Separation From Pivot Bracket

Emissions Recalls
TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title 97024 AUG 97 Incorrect Linear Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Used

Service Bulletins
TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title 99-06-03-012 DEC 99 Battery Testing and Replacement
99-00-89-021 DEC 99 December 1999 Labor Time Guide Updates
99-04-20-002 DEC 99 Driveline Clunk
99-01-38-006 DEC 99 J-43600 ACR2000 Refrigerant Recovery/Recharge Equipment
99-00-89-022 DEC 99 The Year 2000 and Vehicle Electronics
99-08-45-005 NOV 99 Accessory Receptacle/Cigar Lighter is Inoperative
99-00-84-021 NOV 99 Expediting Parts
99-00-89-020 NOV 99 November 1999 Labor Time Guide Updates
99-08-46-001 NOV 99 OnStar(R) Kit Part Numbers and Compatibility
99-06-04-053 NOV 99 Powertrain Control Module Reprogramming
99-08-64-028 NOV 99 Procedure for Aligning Rear Side Door
99-08-42-009 NOV 99 Setting of I/P Dimmer Control to View PRNDL Display
99-01-39-007 OCT 99 Automatic Air Conditioning Control Operation
99-07-30-021 OCT 99 New Solenoid Testing Kit For All Hydra-Matic Trans.
99-00-89-017 OCT 99 October, 1999 Labor Time Guide Updates
99-06-02-017 OCT 99 Radiator Repair/Replacement Guidelines
99-08-51-007 OCT 99 Refinishing Aluminum Wheel
99-08-52-005 OCT 99 Remote Keyless Entry Operational Characteristics
99-00-89-019 OCT 99 Warranty Parts Center/Corporate Parts Return Program
99-00-89-016 SEP 99 1994-2000 Labor Time Guide - Updates
99-07-30-017 SEP 99 Auto/Trans Oil Cooler Flushing and Flow Check Procedures
99-07-30-020 SEP 99 Automatic Transmission Service Procedure Change
99-05-24-001A SEP 99 Brake Lead / Pull and Front Brake Wear
99-08-64-016 SEP 99 Use of Silicone for Weatherstrip Maintenance
000000A JUL 99 GM Service Bulletin Precautions
99-00-89-010 JUL 99 July,1999 Labor Time Guide Updates
99-00-89-008 JUN 99 June 1999 Labor Time Guide Updates
99-03-10-102 JUN 99 Original Equipment Chrome Plated Aluminum Wheel ID
99-04-20-001 JUN 99 Rear Axle Lubricant Compatibility and Usage
99-08-110-005 JUN 99 Sunshade Replacement
99-00-89-006 MAY 99 May 1999 Labor Time Guide Updates
99-00-89-004 APR 99 1994-2000 Labor Time Guide Updates
99-08-49-006 APR 99 Cleaning of Upper Instrument Panel Surfaces
99-06-01-003 APR 99 Engine Bearing Knock Noise
99-08-51-001 APR 99 Paint-less Dent Repair Process
99-00-89-003 MAR 99 1994-2000 Labor Time Guide Updates
99-06-03-002 MAR 99 Battery Insulator Replacement
99-07-30-005 MAR 99 Component Slipping/DTC P1870 Diagnosis
99-06-03-001 MAR 99 Essential Tool J 42000 Battery Tester
83-81-34 MAR 99 Operating Vehicle with SIR Warning Light On
99-00-89-002 MAR 99 Using the New GM Service Bulletins
99-00-89-001 FEB 99 1994-99 Car and Truck Labor Time Guide Updates
99-01-39-004 FEB 99 Air Conditioning Odor
99-06-04-006 FEB 99 Correct Solvent for CSFI Poppet Cleaning Procedure
83-05-11 JAN 99 1994-99 Labor Time Guide Updates
83-12-21 JAN 99 Contaminated R134a A/C Systems
86-05-02 DEC 98 Delayed Warranty Start Process
83-05-10 DEC 98 Labor Guide Updates for 94/99 Cars and Trucks
87-71-74 NOV 98 1-2 Accumulator Piston and Outer Spring Replacement
83-35-08 NOV 98 Chemical Staining of Chrome Wheels
83-05-09 NOV 98 Labor Time Guide Updates for 1994-99 Cars and Trucks
83-01-20 NOV 98 Temporary Changes to Techline ESI Applications
83-32-10 NOV 98 Tool J 43435 Adjuster Locknut Wrench
83-32-09 NOV 98 Tool J 43485 Power Steering Bleeder Adapter
86-90-06 OCT 98 Information on Reduced Range/Operation of (RKE)
83-05-08 OCT 98 Labor Time Guide
83-15-16 OCT 98 New Windshield and Glass Urethane Adhesive Caulking Kit
76-02-02A OCT 98 Recommended Axle Lubricant
83-81-32 SEP 98 Information On New PCM Connector Service Kits
83-05-07 SEP 98 Labor Time Updates
86-74-04 SEP 98 Low Transmission Fluid Level, Transfer Case Overfilled
86-32-06 SEP 98 Reduced Steering Effort
83-02-01 SEP 98 Revised Crankcase Ventilation System Maintenance
76-43-01A SEP 98 Slow/No Engagement of Front Axle when 4WD Selected
83-83-16 SEP 98 Speedometer Accuracy
43-17-01B AUG 98 Bumps or Rust Colored Spots in Paint
84-96-01 AUG 98 Correct Labor Code Usage for Entertainment Systems
76-60-04A AUG 98 Engine Oil Consumption Guideline
86-43-06A AUG 98 Fluid Leak Near Front Wheels or Front Engine Area
83-90-12 AUG 98 Keyless Entry Transmitter Tester
83-05-06 AUG 98 Labor Time Updates
80-05-03 AUG 98 Redefined Use of Parts Warranty Special Claims B and C
16-01-01B AUG 98 Towing
68-05-02B JUL 98 Courtesy Transportation Administration Guidelines
86-43-08 JUL 98 Differential Carrier/Output Shaft/Bearing Replacement
83-05-05 JUL 98 Labor Time Guides Updates
81-65-40 JUL 98 No Serial Data Diagnostic Procedure
83-96-05 JUL 98 Radio Telephone/Mobile Radio Inst/Troubleshooting
77-60-02 JUN 98 Acc Drive Belt Noise/Pwr Steering Pump Pulley Misaligned
36-71-03A JUN 98 Automatic Transmission External Oil Cooler
83-90-08 JUN 98 Charts and Schematics for Cruise Control Diagnosis
76-83-03A JUN 98 Fuel Gauge Indicates Empty w/ 7-8 Gals Left in Tank
83-05-04 JUN 98 Labor Guide Time Update
82-05-03 MAY 98 Elimination of Labor Op Z7920/Z7930
82-05-05 MAY 98 General Motors Warranty Inquiry System
83-05-03 MAY 98 Labor Time Guide Updates
83-71-10 MAY 98 Park/Neutral Switch Conn. Cannot Be Removed
82-05-02 MAY 98 Request for Authorization Using Routing Code H
83-05-02 APR 98 Labor Time Guide Updates
87-61-24 APR 98 Use of Surface Conditioning Discs
48-05-01C MAR 98 Customer Concern Not Duplicated /Verified - Labor
64-90-04A MAR 98 Error Codes on Radio Display/Cause & Corrective Action
87-63-02 MAR 98 Excessive Ticking Noise in Ambient Temperature
83-83-07 MAR 98 Fuel Level Sensor Replacement Procedure
83-05-01 MAR 98 Labor Time Guide Updates
61-65-60A MAR 98 Revised DTC P1345
81-65-36 MAR 98 Revised Enhanced Ignition System Diagnostic Procedure
83-64-09 MAR 98 Tool J 41450-B Released for CS Generator Diagnosis
83-01-14 MAR 98 VIN Plate Replacement
63-82-06A FEB 98 Exterior Lamp Condensation / Replacement Guidelines
72-05-09 FEB 98 GM Dealer Empowerment Program
73-05-09 FEB 98 Labor Guide Updates
82-05-01 FEB 98 New Vehicle / Replacement Battery Warranty Instructions
81-65-37 FEB 98 Revised Engine DTC's P0137, P0172 and P0420
73-50-37 JAN 98 Brake Rotor and Hub Cleaning Tool Revision
72-05-14 JAN 98 Enhanced Sublet Repair Policy
73-90-23 JAN 98 Frontal (SIR) ON-Off Switch Kits, Parts and Procedures
73-05-09 JAN 98 Labor Times Update
72-05-13 JAN 98 Repair/Replace Policies and Procedures
72-05-12 JAN 98 Shock Absorbers and Struts Operations
73-12-12A DEC 97 Diagnostic Procedure When A/C Leak Cannot Be Found
73-05-07 DEC 97 Labor Time Guide Updates
77-71-77 DEC 97 Loss of 4th Gear/Busy 3-4 Shifting/TCC Cycling
72-05-11 DEC 97 Rail Dust Removal and Chemical Spotting - labor
71-05-02 DEC 97 Recall Campaign Follow-Up Post Card
73-01-10 DEC 97 Technical Assistance Call Preparation
48-05-01A NOV 97 Customer Concern Not Verified/Duplicated Labor Operation
78-83-03A NOV 97 Identification of the Instrument Cluster
62-05-02A NOV 97 Labor Operation Z1241 - Personal Property Damage
73-05-07 NOV 97 Labor Time Guide Updates
77-65-23 NOV 97 On-Board Diagnostic System Improvements
73-12-13 NOV 97 PureGuard 2 Operating Alert
77-71-68 OCT 97 Cooler Flush Adapter for 4T40-E and 4L60-E
73-90-18 OCT 97 Diagnostic Hints for Rolling Code (RFA) Systems
76-11-01 OCT 97 HVAC Control Knob Spins Freely
73-05-06 OCT 97 Labor Time Guide Addition
73-01-09 OCT 97 Revised Repair Procedures for Inoperative Ign. Cylinders
67-61-14B SEP 97 Engine Noise
73-05-06 SEP 97 Labor Time Guide addition
73-62-13A SEP 97 Servicing of Aluminum Heater Cores and/or Radiators
70-05-01 SEP 97 Tire Replacement During Bumper to Bumper Warranty
77-71-67 AUG 97 Diagnosis of Transmission Noise and Delayed Engagement
72-05-04 AUG 97 Guidelines for Claiming C0034 - Windshield Replacement
72-05-06 AUG 97 Guidelines for I/M 240 Labor, J9980-I/M, J9981 and J9982
72-05-05 AUG 97 Guidelines for Using E0420 Wheel Replace
72-05-03 AUG 97 Guidelines for Wheel Alignments and Wheel Balance
73-05-05 AUG 97 Labor Times
76-81-13 AUG 97 Revised Audible Warnings, Circuit Operation
76-82-08 AUG 97 Revised Convenience Center Table
71-65-36 AUG 97 Revised DTC P1406
76-81-10 AUG 97 Revised Interior Lights, Circuit Operation
76-81-14 AUG 97 Revised Table for Fuel Gauge is Inaccurate
76-81-12 AUG 97 Revised Table for Keyless Entry Does Not Operate
76-81-15 AUG 97 Revised Table for Wipers Will Not Shut Off
73-62-13 JUL 97 Aluminum Heater Core and/or Radiator Replacements
73-62-14 JUL 97 Approved Engine Coolant Recycling Processes
67-61-20A JUN 97 6.5L Diesel Engine Product Update
73-05-04 JUN 97 Labor Time Update
63-17-07B JUN 97 Paint Specification for Basecoat/Clearcoat Paint Systems
76-30-01 JUN 97 Steering Wander
76-50-08 MAY 97 Cloudy, Strawberry-Colored Parking Brake Fluid
71-65-40 MAY 97 Enhanced Ignition System Description and Operation
76-50-09 MAY 97 Revised ABS Diagnostic Information
73-10-54 MAY 97 Two-Part Urethane Adhesive For Windshield Installations
631208A APR 97 A/C Tool And Equipment Maintenance
77-71-53 APR 97 Chuggle/Surge on TCC Apply/No DTC's
77-64-04 APR 97 Distributor Service Kits
76-16-12 APR 97 Easy Entry Seat Noise, Movement, High Adjustment effort
661509A APR 97 Fiber Glass Rear Fender Paint Star Shaped Crack
73-83-15 APR 97 Fuel Gauge Responds Slowly After Fueling
73-05-03 APR 97 Labor Time Guide Update
730503 APR 97 Labor Times Guide Update
620504 APR 97 Operating Procedures
730107 APR 97 Revised Supplemental Inflatable Restraint Warning labels
549001A MAR 97 CLN Indicator On Radio Display
67-61-14A MAR 97 Engine Noise
766504 MAR 97 Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) On, Poor Driveability
676540 MAR 97 Pictorial Of Oxygen Sensor Designations
736513 MAR 97 Reprogram Capability Using Off Board Program Adapter
731204 FEB 97 Air Conditioning Systems With R12 Or R134a Service Issue
731049 FEB 97 Body Sealer Tape For Collision Repairs
768102 FEB 97 Courtesy Lamp Dome Lamp Remain On
367405A FEB 97 Driveline Noise While Operating In Four Wheel Drive
739005 FEB 97 Inflatable Restraint I/P Module Remove/Install Procedure
616316 FEB 97 Injection Balance Test Procedure Revised
668131 FEB 97 Power Windows Revised Chart
730501 FEB 97 Update Labor Time Guide
730502 FEB 97 Updates Labor Time Guide
630507 JAN 97 Updates Labor Time Guides
649601 JAN 97 Compact Disk Players Procedures
569603A JAN 97 Electrical Interference In Mobile (Two Way) Radio
436407A JAN 97 Low Voltage Reading Or Dim Lights At Idle
600503 JAN 97 Warranty Repairs And Claims Procedures
677163 DEC 96 Automatic Transmission
61-65-59 DEC 96 Need to Clear DTC's After PCM, VCM or EGR Servicing
63-05-06 DEC 96 Updates to Labor Time Guide
310503C DEC 96 Warranty Claim Processing
677157 NOV 96 1997 4L80E Transmission Product Updates
631215 NOV 96 A/C Compressor Seal Washer Reference Chart
610111 NOV 96 Key Code Information
377148A NOV 96 Transmission Shift Solenoid Update
669002 NOV 96 Under Hood Reel Lamp
689601A OCT 96 Radio Repair Centers and Warranty Information
670502 OCT 96 Submission of OBD II Codes with Warranty Claims
630504 OCT 96 Warranty Administration Labor Time Guide Updates
630505 OCT 96 Warranty Labor Time Guide Updates
400501A SEP 96 Corporate Parts Return Program Instructions
677151 SEP 96 New Product Information
319004A SEP 96 SIR Module Shipping/Return Procedure
661206 SEP 96 Section 1B - HVAC - Updated
67-71-49 JUN 96 Revised Text For All DTC Tables
00-06-01-007 MAR 00 Rod Bearing Clearance Checking Tool
00-05-22-002 FEB 00 (Warranty) Brake Rotor Service Procedure
00-06-04-011 FEB 00 Evaporative Emission Testing on Vehicles
00-00-89-001 FEB 00 February, 2000 Labor Time Guide Updates
99-09-41-004 JAN 00 Air Bag (SIR) On-Off Switch Kits, New Parts and Service
99-00-89-023 JAN 00 January, 2000 Labor Time Guide Updates

&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&g t;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;4X 4
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Re: TSB & Recall question

Have you tried the local dealer or the corporate people in Detroit? It seems like that would be something that they would be required to share with the public.

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Re: TSB & Recall question

your local dealer should be able to provide you with specifics on a TSB, although i wouldn't go in and ask for every one listed, just ones that pertained to problems i was having (like the steering problem, and the wiper problem). let me know if you have any luck, as i have been wanting to do the same thing, just haven't had time to get by the dealer.


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Re: TSB & Recall question

Your local GM dealer is required by law to inform you of recalls that are available according to your trucks VIN. But are not under obligation to repair TSB's. [Tsunematsu] Ask the dealer for the number to call Chevrolet directly about recalls. My local dealer had not seen 1/2 of the recalls you listed (I know I printed them out from http://www.alldata.com and took them in)

I have a 96 Silverado, Z71 4x4, real similiar to yours.

The dealer I bought it from replaced the EGR valve for free when the service engine light came on after I bought it (I didn't know it was a GM recall unit later). My local dealer placed covers on the seat hinge points. Wish the covers were done before the seat cover got torn up.

I had an intermittent wiper module problem that was listed as a TSB, but could not get them to fix it for free. Cost me $51 to do it myself.

I did call GM directly and spoke to customer service. They are really helpful. Call, you never know.

96 Black Z71 Extended Cab
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