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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

Well, I've been a city boy all my life, except for the two years in the Army. So I really didn't have the back country off roading opportunitites that others have had. However, I was in the Boy Scouts and we did a lot of camping and hiking. Spent 2 years in the US Army operating amphibious wheeled vehicles that we drove in off road situations,as well as M38A1 and M151A1 Jeeps.

About 2 years after I was married, my wife and I wanted to get back into camping. So for a while we just used our 1981 AMC concord wagon to go to drive in campgrounds. After a while, that got old and we wanted to do a little more. So 4 years and 2 kids later, we bought our 1986 XJ and we've been camping with it ever since.
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

I grew up in Southern WV on a farm. Originally atv's were for work not enjoyment. THen I got a yamaha 80 3-wheeler at age 6. I ran that thing till it just didn't have anything left. My dad used to ride trailbikes. So he bought me one when i was 8. I didn't enjoy it too much. Then he got into firing fourwheelers with some ppl and so did i. They mostly jsut rode around on trails all day. Just mellow rides. Then he got me a 90 300 fourtrax. I treated it like 250r. I eventually got a 94 blaster. Tehn i bought myown a Banshee. I've modified it and have a 2001 raptor and bought my daughter a 250ex. Looking to get a utility atv. I also do some muddin' in my 200 silverado. The truck is going up and getting new shoes. And a few engine mods. The atvs well i do a little to them as I go along.
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

I started out back in 76 when my friend got a 62 international scout. I loved that 4x4 and it could go anywhere. My other friend bought a brand new land cruiser and I knew I had to buy me a 73 jeep. We run them into the ground and on most of the hills and fire breaks here in PA. Lots of hills and mountains over here. I got married and had a few kids and all of the sudden there was no room for any 4x4s in my life. As my kids grew up I started to get the fever once again. I bought a new tracker but I wanted something I could beat and take a beating. I needed something for fun and cheap since I am financially challenged. I found a ZUK for 750.00 and I picked it up at once figured it would only last me about a year or two. I still have both 4x4s 5 years later and the ZUK is the most fun. I have over 178,000 miles on it and its runs as good as it ever did. MUD is my friend!
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

it all started for me back when i was 12 in a back field of our farm in south carolina in a 73 ford bronco. my dad taught me to drive a stick in that truck. i learned speed and angles in that truck. i learned to watch the waves when entering water to find a good line in that truck. i learned to crawl up the side of trees in that truck. i learned the pain and loss of a roll over in that truck. i learned to cut sheet metal on that truck. i learned to weld cages up in that truck. then when i turned 16, i learned that the truck stayed at home and a daily driver was needed to get to school. i learned to drive a trailor with that truck on it. i learned to keep away from the yuppie at the 4x4 parks in that truck. then i parked it at my uncles when i bought my 87 s-10 baja. in this truck i learned it needed a front live axle. then i sold it after 6 monthes. i learned not to put a forsale sticker in the back window in that truck. then i got my sammi. i learned that people laugh at what they don't know. i learned that people read a 4x4 by it's size and not the size of the balls that drive the 4x4. and to this day with the sammi, i am still learning and wanting to learn more.
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

Well it all started for me when I was about five or six when my mom married my step dad. He had an '86 Yota on 31's and a Honda ATV. I got hooked and have been that way ever since. I guess I'm one of the young guys at age 19. I did have a '75 Blazer with a complete removable top, but I got lazy and sold it. There has been a hole in my heart ever since. [img]images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]
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Can't Get Enough
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

My cousin had a Chevy pickup lifted with Rancho springs. Since we always hung out, I had to do the same thing, and got my own. From then on, if I could find a stretch of dirt between here and there, I'd be on it. I've been off the road since.
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

Mine all started with..... a car. I bought a 84 chevy cavalier and put on a new paint job. Cleaned it up real nice. (this was back in 91) I then was out at a mall and some damn punks hit my car with a shopping cart and scratched the side up pretty good. Ever since then I decided I was going to do any damage to my vehicles... and no-one else. Thats when I sold the car for a 85 GMC Jimmy. I never painted it, never waxed it. The more mud on it the better. I will never buy a new vehicle and try to keep it like new. It just will piss you off when the first scratch, ding, or fender bender will happen.

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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

I got started in a 92 cavalier(best looking) but crashed it only to get a 89 sunbird(most fun). After i got rid of that(long story) i bought a 72 Nova(fastest) and dropped a 400HP 350 in it. Blew that up and ditched the car for a 68 Camaro(rustiest). After i pulled the windshield out (along with half of the roof, like i said rusty) i junked that at a total loss. I drove my friends 90F250 cuz i had to do some work on it and was sold on Fords.

I first wanted a truck after a family camping thingy where there was around 1' of snow and we all piled in this old chevy suburban w/a diesel. I was sold on a truck right then and there. I was around 14.

A friend and I went camping in his fathers truck and we first went "wheeling" on our own. We were 18 at the time and the truck was only 2WD but we had a ball. At this time my Nova was sitting in his driveway waitin for a the motor. I said I wanted a truck and he said i only wanted one cuz we just went "wheeling".

After i junked the 69 Camaro i picked up a 89 F150 CHEAP. I BEAT THE PI$$ out of it literally. I'm talkin sledge hammers shotguns and tire irons. After a year of abuse i crashed it so i bought a 86 F150 off a friend for $150.

I swapped the EFI, 4WD, 302/AOD, rear diff, wiring harness and just about everything else into the 86. I miss the 89 but by the time i was done with the 86 the 89 was laying on the frame in the street.

Now that i've bored all of you with my life story, heres my plans.

I'm getting a 90F250 from a friend for free(the one i did the work on that sold me on Ford) and I'm researching 2.5 ton Rockwells and those 52" tall Michelins. Obviously it wont be street driven but hey i can dream.

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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

I have USED every truck I have ever owned and at 21 there are enough to start a small used car lot. My first two trucks were both two wheel drive diesels. That is how I know for a fact the only thing worse than a Ford SRW is a Dodge dually. Between the two of those trucks and Central Texas mud I think I have replaced every fence post on the ranch (and three rear fenders on the dually). I finally got smart and purchased a 98 GMC 2500 4X4 with a 454 and did all the typical mods BFG M/T's and flowmaster exhaust ... When you drive on average 50,000 miles a year the gas adds up quick. I have now downsized to a 02 Tacoma in hopes that the reputation for longevity is not a falsehood. as for mods there probably won't be any I just can't seem to hold on to a vehicle long enough to make it worhwhile.
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Pla

well gorwing up in farming ranching kinda town you guessed it cars just dont do, though i did drive my parent 82 mustang for a few months,

then bought my 6 lug 3/4 ton chevy thinking it was a 3/4 ton I could use to pull the horses and junk around, its barely adeguate for the, been drivn that same truck for over 4 years now, I also have always been into auto mechanics and welding fabricated so I took those courses in high school and all that were realated like drafting n stuff.

my truck started out as 2 wd drive due to cv shafts comeing apart then I replaced pretty much all the fron end parts, tossed on set of 285s then a body lift a fewy years later, and now lots of trimming to fit 35s. kinda half assed planning a sfa swap for sometime in the near future and running 36-38 tires for offroad use.

thats pretty much how it started.

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