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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

One of my uncles got me started wheeling waaaaaay back in the olden days. He took me to Spider Lake in his flathead V8 powered MB for my first Jeep trip. That was around 1957 or '58. That was all it took to become addicted. Since then I've played with dirt bikes, dune shooters and even sporty cars but I always gravitate back to 4X4's. I worked overseas from 1980 to 2000 but I still managed to get in some awesome wheeling in Australia, the Philipines, Italy, Spain and Greece.

Plans? I'm gonna take my '68 Jeepster out wheelin' in the desert ... or the mountains ... or wherever else I can dial in my hubs! Ain't Nevada great?
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

well i was the typical retard for quite awhile, i was supposed to get a S-10 instead of a Explorer first but it didnt work out(THANK GOD) my said plans were to drop an LS1 in the S-10 and slap on some 20s [img]images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] WTF was i thinking, well then i got a Traxxas Rustler and learned that off-road and jumping was freakin awesome, and this was at 15, the summer that i was 15 we got a four-wheeler and i learned the thrills of sliding sideways through mudd, and decided i needed a truck, i went from 4x4 91 Explorer, to 2wd 86 Scottsdale, to 2wd 91 S-10, and now working on 83 GMC 4x4.

my plans are, 3/4 ton springs, with some 33s and possibly Zero Rates on all 4 corners. then save for dana 44 or 60 front, 14FF rear, then go 6 inch springs in front, shackle flip rear, with 2 inch blocks in rear. and some 36s, maybe get cutout flares and go 39.5s,

although the 3/4 springs i get, im wearing down the 235s i have, unless i can find some used 33s for cheap around here, i might have a set lined up already
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

A "Trekker" is baically a 4runner.

Winabego took a normal Toyota 4x4 and cut out the back wall. They built a new bed and top of fiberglass and added a back seat. Its cool, but I worry about damamging it because its special. Its For Sale [img]images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

Benny: I didnt know such a thing existed, that's some good trivia!

i forgot to answer patrick's question...
i am 21 so my history is short. when i was a junior in high school, my friend got a mint 87 Bronco on 32" street tires and neither of us knew jack about trucks and even less about off-roading, and I think the only reason he got it was because the previous owner had no idea how much to ask for it and my friend got it dirt cheap. it was blacked out with burgundy interior, and he took the top off quite a bit while we all rode around in the back of it... it was exactly like the American Pie 2 fun-mobile. it didnt take me long to figure out how versatile it was, and how stout it looked, even on street tires. it climbed like a mountain goat and flogged through ruts with ease after he put on 32" BFG's on it, and i then realized how great such a fullsize swb truck could be off-road as well as on.

eventually i got tired of playing "big amp, even bigger speakers" in my 87 camry and decided to get a bronco just like his. i was originally looking for a late-80's model, but my 93 came along with a price similar to those 80's trucks, so i went and looked at it. WOW, as i pulled up to it to meet the owner, i instantly noticed how sweet the tint and 2-tone paint looked, along with a certain beefy quality having 31" mud terrains under it. i was in love [img]images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img] it zoomed with the 351 and i loved how the tires vibrated the truck while coming to a stop, and i (well, my dad aka mr. credit) bought what would quickly become the muddybronco! it didnt take me long after that to find ORC, and from there on out it was all about dreaming of big tires, big engines, and how to turn a truck into a submarine.

here it is 3 years and 4 months later and the knowledge i've gained about trucks and 'froadin is unreal... the internet is a great thing! [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] sadly, none of the people that originally helped me get my start on this bbs are still around here [img]images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img], but i'm sure they would be just as amazed as i am at the number of knowledgeable folks that have piled on here in 3 short years... wow!

as for the future, i dunno... i havent settled in as much as many of you old farts on here, so nothing is certain at this point. i think it'd be fun to work for an automaker after college, but more than likely i'll just go where the money is decent and there are some mountains to play on. i like the South, but some snow would be nice [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] currently i'm trying to get a Samurai so that i can have a dedicated wheeler to trailer around, because fixing things immediately is difficult in my apt parking lot. i'll probably exo-cage it and get crazy on boulders, but it'll have to see the swamps too... and the idea is to do everything to the sammi that i wouldnt do to a daily driver, such as tractor tires, insane gearing, headers going straight up, blown v6 on nitrous making ungodly hp for the mud, etc etc

i hope i didnt bore anybody, i've never told that story in full and thought it would be half-ass interesting... it makes me wonder what i'll be driving by the time another 20 years of my life has elapsed! [img]images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

over and out!
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

dirt bikes and jumping vehicles that should have never been jumped. finaly getting into 4x4's for utillity purpose more than pleasure. love anything with a motor and at least 2 wheels up high or down low. can never leave well enough (is anything well enough) alone
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

Just like Muddy, im one of the 'youngins' of the board (im also 21). Started out driving a teeny little car, cause that was the arangement for my 1st year of drving. Then my buddy got a BII, and i (very) quickly found out how cool it was to have a 4wd vehicle! Soon after i followed suit with a '91 gmc S15, which i wheeled the he!! out of, until an opportunity came up that i could not pass up! We needed another vehicle, cause some chick totalled the previously mentioned 'teeny car' while my brother was driving it. I found a full-size bronco for sale, and with my parents/brothers agreement, i bought it, and gave the jimmy to my bro! Id loved these trucks forever, and MAN was it great to be riding around in a big 'ole 4wd truck, complete with a huge (351) V8, and big (31") tires! Well, soon i realized that it really wasnt that big, but its getting there!
My goal is to one day be able to turn it into a trailer-queen, so i can go completely and totally nuts with it!
But for now, its just your larger-than-life-daily-driver!
(Everyones like, 'well, youre not gonna have it forever'.....but i plan to!! [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img])
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

It seems I started out a little different from everyone else. I have 3 older brothers, a father that loves tractors (yea farm tractors), and 20 acres of land to tear up. We always ended up driving tractors where we shouldn't have, so my father decided to find us some "field cars".
Field Car: old car you aquire for free and attempt to destroy as quickly as possible
So at the age of 7 (my brothers were 9, 10 and 12) we got ourselves some VW Bugs. Of course we had no clue how to drive, so we took what we knew about tractors and used the same concept. 6 months later every car had it's fenders and doors ripped off, we stuck some springs that shouldn't have been used, into the car so they were lifted, and my one brother even concocted dual wheels for one of the VW's. The next year all the cars were dead... We went for dirt bikes next. Of course we blew up those multiple times, so we always aquired field cars as often as we could...they never lasted long. Except for a 76 Honda Civic...this car should have died many times. 6 bent rims, a welded frame, and head on into a few trees (and one a tractor...that hurt) later, the engine ran pretty good (for not being able to hold oil) but it just wasn't possible to drive anymore.
Lucky for us our Dad let us get away with all this. By the time my oldest brother turned 16 we all had a decent knack for fixing cars, or at least making them functional a little while longer. He got a 1978 Monte Carlo in mint condition, with a 350 waiting to be modified.
My brothers and I essentially went along these lines until after high school. Only serious injuries were two broken wrists...hence rubber side down dodge the I didn't hit a tree, but well it might as well have been.
After highschool my brothers got out of breaking stuff (not totally we still get field cars and go home to break them still), so for a few years nothing really happened. At the time I was driving a S10 Blazer with a 2.8, I hated and still hate that thing. So I beat it. Went off roading a few times, driving it at about 45mph in 2 foot ruts. I finally sent a rod through the oil pan, and spun a bearing.
In need of a car (preferably truck, because I wanted one [img]images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]) I started looking around for a F-250 or 350 SFA, just because I loved my Dad's old one. Instead my brother came to me and told me about a 85 K-10...SFA. I hated it, wrong color (red), automatic (blah), with a 305 (baby V8). My bro then proceeded to point out the SFA, and the fact that we have a 350 we could drop in it, and the axles suck but we come across axles alot.
Now I have that K10 and love it damned if I know why [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] , but some people have a hole in the water into which they throw money...I have my truck.
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

My story mirrors others on dirtbikes,hunting,fishing camping and such.Always had an inward desire to travel the roads that saw the least amount of travel due to washouts,water crossings,etc. Started studying old topo maps of the northern area of my state and rewarding myself with old/lost forgotten about forest service roads.Been an addiction ever since.
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

Oh yeah,my plans are to keep enjoying the trails Ive found until the greenies raise enough ruckus and start closing the routes of yesteryear.
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Re: How Did You Get Started, And What Are Your Plans?

Grew up on more acres than I could count in central tennessee . . . 1st motor toy - a 125cc 'Penton' dirtbike, when I was 'bout 13. Ol' Pops made me come up with half the $$ & he put in the other half. A few years later I got my next motor toy - a '66 Dodge 3/4 ton truck. Damn she was ugly - and w/o 4x4, I got her stuck more than once tearing through the cow pastures & woods. I kept that old truck for about 16 years, rebuilt the slant 6 once & never replaced the shocks!!
Now many years have passed, I havent done any wheeling in quite a while (other than the occaisional firewood round-up), but I picked up an ol' shortbed F150 a few months back & as of yesterday I've spent more in parts than I did for the truck!! A couple thousand more & I'll have a good tight truck to go beat the s**t out of in the woods.
When done (are they ever done??) I hope to have a fairly hot 351W to power my existing granny tranny (6 & change to 1 ratio in first!) The current 33's may grow to 35's - but doubtful I go any bigger . . . so the current 3" lift is all I'll need. My flimsy looking radius arms have me a little concerned - so maybe levelling coils & new arms (a long way off, I'd imagine). The 9" rear w/ Detroit Locker's on the way & I'll be going w/ limited slip up front. I'd love to chop a foot outta (shorten) the back of the bed & I'm kinda hopin' my wheels rub so I'll have an excuse to chop the fenders !! Oh, did I mention i wanna shoot the whole thing with bedliner?
So thats where I'm from and where I'm headed - it's just a shame I'm "financially challenged" & will have to learn patience. It's not one of my virtues.
Anybody want to sponsor my truck?? hehe
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