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If they're Scout axles they have zero caster, which can cause a problem. My experience with truck size 44s is that the outer stuff is interchangeable for the most part. Unless there's something unusual about your International front you should be able to take everything off your full size front axle and put it onto the shorter one. In the back the backing plates should be all you need to swap, if the lug pattern is correct for your wheels.

When I built my front I narrowed a 44 from a '79 Jeep Cherokee - 2-door version of a full-size Wagoneer - but didn't like the outers, so I got an axle from a '84 Dodge Ramcharger - Mopar's version of a FS Blazer - and used everything from the ball joints out. I had to modify the arms on the knuckles and shorten the shafts, but it went together nicely and almost looks factory, except for the tie-rod. There are pictures on my website.

And of course you know about my 44 rear. I had to modify the backing plates to retain the stock AMC20 parking brake, but that was no big deal. I have pictures of that but they're not on my website.

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